Awesome setup, lots of gear, awesome models, great crew, lots of information- great time. Bob is clearly passionate about this, is an expert in his field, and clearly demonstrated/explained a whole new arena and I’m excited to play around.

Fatima Ravat


Bob and Stephen are absolute master’s of their craft and if you’re going to learn from anyone, they’re the guys. I loved learning from photographers with two distinct styles, one a wedding photographer and the other a fashion photographer. It let us all look at the same subject manner with two sets of eyes.

Vanessa Joy


I usually shoot using natural light and every now and then add in some fill-flash so this was revolutionary for me. The principles I used will help me grow as a photographer and I'm excited about using off camera lighting and thinking of light in a whole new way!!!

Denise Kerkusz-Weaver


I loved every minute of this workshop. Bob and Stephen are masters of light and have exceeded my expectations of what I would learn through this workshop.  They really took the time to answer all of my questions and have me excited to take what I learned and start using
it in my sessions.

Shannon Bunton


The hands-on experience, live demo shooting, & indoor & outdoor creative portraiture was invaluable in helping to build or grow our lighting understanding & techniques to capture beautiful images for our clients, families & friends. Highly recommend this to those who want to increase their on location lighting experience!
Thank you so much again.

Frances Gaul


The master class was absolutely awesome! I am so excited to start using my speedlites correctly! Stephen was amazingly patient teaching me how to use my exact camera and flash!

I am so grateful to learn from one of the masters!!!



The program was excellent! I learned SO very much. The two presenters are obviously very talented and accomplished photographers. I am so appreciative that they are willing to so generously share their knowledge.

Ron Shelton

10 Reasons Why YOU Need to Attend:

Learn multiple lighting set-ups to make your speedlighting exciting
Create depth, dimension and drama in Your Photos
Use your Speedlites to create softness, warmth and beauty
Learn to use multiple flashes for FANTASTIC results
Modifiers! Turn your small light into big results, go for quality of light!
Learn what lenses work best with your speedlites
Nighttime, daytime, anytime lighting with speedlites
Learn to control and mold light to achieve the best possible results
Learn to work faster and more efficiently on location or in studio
IMPROVE your photography, GROW your business
all attendees Receive:
Bonus free $60 SOCIAL Propic Account, which allows 10,000 photo uploads.
Bonus free
$99.95 Perfect Effects 8

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